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Victorian MP により Mind Map: Victorian MP

1. Problems

1.1. Problem 1:

1.1.1. They had to try and limit the Chinese migration so they don't take over the goldfields and make a large sums of money. All their money was sent to China to their families.

1.2. Problem 2:

1.2.1. He/She couldn't stand accepting the Chinese new custom and culture.

1.3. Problem 3:

1.3.1. The Chinese were mining the scraps left over so they don't dig deep into the earth. These scraps are usually kept for later for the other miners in search for gold just incase any rocks were missed.

2. Positives

2.1. Positives 1:

2.1.1. They had made a law that for every Chinese person that enters Australia must pay 10 pounds tax and 1 pound protection fee. This was implemented to stop the large migration of the Chinese.

2.2. Positives 2:

2.2.1. This fee and tax slowed down the migration of the Chinese entering Australia.

2.3. Positives 3:

2.3.1. The Chinese were honest and law abiding citizens.

3. The treatment of the Chinese

3.1. Point 1:

3.1.1. The treatment of these people was with prejudice.

3.2. Point 2:

3.2.1. This treatment also came with Racism.

3.3. Point 3:

3.3.1. The Chinese were made inferior and not accepted in their settlement.

4. Feelings and thoughts

4.1. What were their observations:

4.1.1. The Chinese arrived in large numbers and mined large quantities of gold patiently.

4.2. What were their thoughts:

4.2.1. They thought the chinese miners and workers seemed very strange in their appearance.

4.3. How did they feel:

4.3.1. They were feeling of suspicion and resentment as they were hardworking and peaceful people.