My Son the Fanatic

Mindmap of the book - "My Son the Fanatic

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My Son the Fanatic 저자: Mind Map: My Son the Fanatic

1. Ali

1.1. Tidy

1.2. Son of Parvez

1.3. Changed drastically

1.4. Excelled at cricket, swimming and football

1.5. Good in school - Getting "A´s" in most subjects

1.6. Has developed a sharp tongue

2. Parvez

2.1. He is Ali´s father

2.2. Working as a taxi driver

2.3. Slightly afraid of his son

2.4. Investigating why his son is changing so drastically

3. Changes that occur

3.1. Messy to tidy

3.2. Throwing things out for no apparent reason

3.3. Stopped doing things he loved doing

3.4. Broke up with his girlfriend without an explanation to why.

3.5. Friends never calling anymore

4. Main issues

4.1. Ali has changed for no apparent reason and it makes Parvez scared of his own son.

5. The different theories

5.1. Ali is selling drugs and therefore he had to sell his possessions to be able to afford them.

6. Unanswered questions

6.1. Why is the son changing his behavior so drastically for no apparent reason?

6.1.1. What has happened?

6.1.2. Racism?