Treatment & Management of STEMI A0408

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Treatment & Management of STEMI A0408 저자: Mind Map: Treatment & Management of STEMI A0408

1. Transmit 12-Lead ECG

2. Request MICA

2.1. Unavailable.

3. Acute Coronary Syndrome A0401

3.1. Antiplatelet rx

3.1.1. Administer Aspirin 300mg if not already given

3.2. Pain Relief A0501

3.2.1. GTN 600mcg S/L if SBP >100mmHG Rpt 300mcg S/L 5 minute intervals titrated to pain or side effects.

3.2.2. GTN patch 50mg to upper torso/arms. Remove if SBP <90mmHG

3.2.3. Pain score 8/10 Severe pain IV access for Opioid pain relief

3.3. STEMI identified

3.3.1. Symptoms <12 Hrs Time to PCI <1hr Contact CCS prior to heparin administration Do not delay transport Capture ECG 30 minutes prior to arrival and transmit to hospital.

3.4. Nausea management A0701

3.4.1. Ondansetron 4mg ODT/IV Rpt 5-10minutes if symptoms persist. Max 8mg.