The Eternal Frenzy of a Disorganized Life

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The Eternal Frenzy of a Disorganized Life por Mind Map: The Eternal Frenzy of a Disorganized Life

1. Self

1.1. Mental

1.1.1. Meditation

1.1.2. Books/intellectual stimulation

1.1.3. Time/Scheduling Structures

1.2. Physical

1.2.1. Sports/recreation

1.3. Spiritual

1.3.1. Community

1.3.2. Internal Values system

1.3.3. Meaningful work

2. Transportation

2.1. Truck

2.2. Bus

2.3. Bike

2.4. Walk

2.4.1. There is literally no reason to not walk to work and to the grocery store when they are both within 15 min from my house. In the instance where I need to source materials and work with clients off campus, I will drive - so therefore I will have a hard time completely getting rid of my truck.

3. Shelter

3.1. Food Prep

3.2. Waste Management

3.3. Laundry

3.4. Storage

3.5. A means/place for art making

3.5.1. My house could double as the place I create things. Future thoughts around this include creating a space within my house that I can use as a studio for prototyping.

4. Sustenance

4.1. Food

4.2. Toiletries

4.3. Laundry/Clothing Care Supplies/services

4.4. Medicine/Medication

4.5. Eye Care

4.6. Dental

5. Clothing

5.1. Wear mostly second-hand

5.2. Create my own

5.3. Wear multiple times over

5.4. Hang-dry

6. Social

6.1. Husband

6.2. Close friends

6.3. Professional Networking

6.3.1. Could improve here by capitalizing on the rich professional development scene in Minneapolis for creative professionals

7. Work/Employment

7.1. Close to home

7.2. Resources to make

7.3. A means for community

7.4. In the arts

7.5. Networking

7.5.1. Similar to Social needs of Professional Networking, here is an opportunity to create something that allows me to find opportunities to connect in my sphere.

8. Artistic Practice

8.1. Carpentry

8.2. Product Design

8.3. Manufacturing

8.4. Prototyping

8.5. Website

8.6. Social Networking

8.7. Self-promotion

8.8. Desktop computer

8.9. painting/multimedia