The 8 Ways to Be Miserable

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The 8 Ways to Be Miserable por Mind Map: The 8 Ways to Be Miserable

1. Taking life personally

1.1. Stop blaming everything and everyone except yourself

2. Obsessing over obstacles instead of solutions

2.1. Don't overthink. Instead, look ahead and figure out how to move forward

2.2. Don't dwell on regrets of the past and worries about the future

3. Lacking self-awareness

3.1. Know where your limits are or where you should set personal boundaries

4. Staying too comfortable

4.1. Don’t wait for life to change. Make things.

5. Saying yes to everything

5.1. Carefully weigh your commitments.

6. Feeling tired and sick

6.1. Working out our basic physical needs may take a while, but it’s an effort that pays off for years to come.

7. Choosing the wrong people over no people at all

7.1. Spend time alone instead of with the wrong people

8. Thinking good things come to you, not from you

8.1. Don’t give up. Don’t just surrender and let life pass as you lament its dilemmas.

8.2. Know what you can and can’t control.

8.3. Be kind to people, and they’ll be kind to you. Do good things, and good things will happen to you.

8.4. The more you smile, the more you’ll realize it makes you just as happy as being smiled at by others.

8.5. Don’t get offended so easily. Focus on solutions, not problems. Understand yourself.