How to Stay Motivated When Nothing Is Going Your Way

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How to Stay Motivated When Nothing Is Going Your Way por Mind Map: How to Stay Motivated When Nothing Is Going Your Way

1. Practice patience

1.1. You can whack a boulder with a hammer thousands of times, and it appears that nothing is happening.

1.2. All of a sudden though, the boulder splits in half.

2. Keep the final result fresh in your mind

2.1. Visualize being successful.

2.2. Target that moment when you first achieve that goal.

2.3. Notice how good it feels.

3. Set a schedule and stick to it

3.1. The less motivated you are, the more structure you need.

3.2. It’s difficult to fail in the long term if you continue trying.

3.3. Don't quit

4. Use your mistakes and failures to gain mastery

4.1. Adopt the belief that failures are common and can ultimately help you to master your craft, and it’s easier to stay motivated.

5. Be grateful

5.1. Practicing gratitude each day is a great reminder that your life isn’t as bad as you thought.

5.2. You’ll hang in there longer and keep trying if you feel grateful on a regular basis.

6. Take a break

6.1. Remember that it can be tough to get back on track after a long break.

6.2. Take a long weekend and get out of town.

6.3. Take a night off and unwind with your friends.

7. Remember your past successes

7.1. Your past successes can rekindle your enthusiasm.

7.2. Reminding yourself that you’ve been successful in the past can renew your hope that you’ll also be successful now.

7.3. It’s a great way to improve your mood too.