The 6 Most Valuable Lessons For Having Learned 60 Skills in Less than 2 Years

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The 6 Most Valuable Lessons For Having Learned 60 Skills in Less than 2 Years por Mind Map: The 6 Most Valuable Lessons For Having Learned 60 Skills in Less than 2 Years

1. Lesson #1: You are limitless

1.1. Don’t give up without trying

1.2. Be consistent in your practice and the results will amaze you

2. Lesson #2: The process of learning strangely matters more than the results

2.1. There is no substitute for deliberate practice.

2.2. Set an achievable target like practicing 30 minutes a day

2.3. Half the battle really is about showing up.

2.4. Take action consistently

3. Lesson #3: Breaking everything down to its smallest component is of utmost importance

3.1. Learning to cook, or play an instrument is way too broad

3.2. Think about the specific sub-skills you want to learn

4. Lesson #4: Learning from experts is the best way to learn

4.1. Learn from books, courses or mentors

4.2. Mentorship is the best method

4.3. The problem with mentorship is it’s either too expensive or hard to find.

4.4. Try the skill-sharing feature in SkillUp Academy when it's released

5. Lesson #5: Mastery is close to worthless for high achievers

5.1. Your chances of being truly successful unless you’re in the top 5 percent in your field is not very high

5.2. Mastery of any skill takes years of deliberate practice.

5.3. You soon plateau and only keep learning in micro-increments even if you spend a lot of time practicing

5.4. But if you practice for between 15–100 hours, you can become good enough in a skill to do it and get paid for it.

5.5. The more skills you know, the more you can diversify your revenues.

6. Lesson #6: Making skill learning a priority can change your life

6.1. In the Eisenhower matrix or table, focus on quadrant II activities: not urgent but important tasks.

6.2. Focus on self improvement

6.2.1. You will become more interesting because you’ll have more things in common with more people.

6.2.2. You will learn faster because the more you learn, the faster you learn.

6.2.3. You will be more motivated because you’ll win almost daily.

6.2.4. You will have more energy because you’ll not be doing urgent things exclusively.

6.2.5. You will have more confidence because you’ll realize you can do more things you ever thought you could before.