Tools for Efficiency - Helen Baxter - Live the Dream 2014

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Tools for Efficiency - Helen Baxter - Live the Dream 2014 por Mind Map: Tools for Efficiency - Helen Baxter - Live the Dream 2014

1. Strategy

1.1. Where do you want to be?

1.2. By when?

1.3. With who?

1.4. Action

1.4.1. How will you get there?

2. Operations

2.1. Time

2.1.1. Time Sinks & Fixes Arranging Meetings Doodle Updating Team Searching for files, data, contacts File Management Google Docs Teamwork

2.1.2. Timezones Time and date

2.2. People

2.2.1. Contact Management Capsule CRM Google Contacts Add notes for conversation history GDocs as CRM Time to Note App Business Cards Evernote

2.2.2. Communications Hangouts Video or text chat Chrome plugin Works on iOS/Android Slack Real time messenges Teamwork messages Archives conversations

2.3. Projects

2.3.1. Teamwork Tasks Create templated lists Milestones Set reminders Messages Team communications Files Attached Links Files on GDrive etc.

2.4. News

2.4.1. Feedly Subscribe to RSS feeds

2.4.2. Send to Kindle for Chrome

3. Promotions

3.1. Social

3.1.1. Hootsuite social dashboard Manage up to three channels for free Cross post to Twitter, Facebook etc. Pre-write tweets Choose the top three #hashtags for your project

3.2. Media

3.2.1. Look at AC Nielsen Media Directory

3.2.2. Publish regular press releases to Scoop

3.3. Events

3.3.1. automatically publishes event listings to all major NZ sites

4. Money

4.1. Funding

4.1.1. Crowdfunding Generator How to Guide at The Big Idea

4.2. Managing

4.2.1. Pocketsmith

4.2.2. Xero

4.2.3. Heaps by Kiwibank

5. Tips

5.1. Inbox opening times

5.2. Batch Process

5.3. Pomodoro Power

5.4. State Goals as Questions

5.5. Plan tomorrow, today

5.6. Minimise Decisions

5.7. Rescuetime

5.8. Dance at Work!

6. What is efficiency?

6.1. time

6.2. focus

6.3. energy

6.4. output

6.5. ideas

6.6. action

6.7. outcomes