Wordpress & Widgets

This presentation is from a workshop developed by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media for the People in Your Neighbourhood project from the British Council in New Zealand, to enable young urban artists to produce, promote and sell their work. http://piyn.net

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Wordpress & Widgets por Mind Map: Wordpress & Widgets

1. Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

2. Wordpress.com

2.1. Hosted service

2.1.1. Can point domain name

2.1.2. Limitations Customisation Terms of Service constraints Can't add widgets Up to 50 MB hosting space

2.2. Set up

2.2.1. Create new Blog Title, description

2.2.2. Add new admins

2.2.3. Create a page

2.2.4. First post

2.3. Add media files

2.4. Themes

2.4.1. Install new theme

2.4.2. Theme directory

2.5. Widgets

2.5.1. Extra features in sidebars

2.5.2. Add some widgets

2.5.3. Paypal Widget

2.6. Plugins

2.6.1. Extra functionality

2.6.2. Plugin Directory Choose Save File Activate

2.6.3. Add Twitter Plugin

2.7. DIY Hosting

2.7.1. Softaculous once click install ALT TV

2.7.2. Installation on own server space

2.7.3. Watch out for astroturf reviews

2.7.4. AN Hosting Free domain name Unlimited webspace, ftp uploads and bandwith - US$5.95 pcm 20 cents a day Server backups Servers in US load faster 24/7 Support Mohawk Media Affiliate Link

2.8. Goodsie

3. Why Wordpress?

3.1. Best practice publishing platform

3.2. Simple, scaleable, flexible, robust

3.3. Extensive support forums

3.4. Open source

3.5. Active development community

3.6. Easy to get going on hosted or own server space

3.7. Ranks well in Google search

3.8. Continually improving

3.9. Can embed widgets to add functionality

4. Wordpress Resources

4.1. Wordpress

4.1.1. Documentation

4.1.2. Support Forums Look for similar question or ask!

4.1.3. Free themes

4.1.4. Wordpress TV

4.1.5. Wordcamp NZ

4.1.6. Plugin - search 'jquery wordpress' 20 Excellent Plugins

4.1.7. Don't overload your site with plugins & widget - must add value

4.1.8. Nettuts Tutorial

4.2. HTML

4.2.1. Hypertext markup Language

4.2.2. Defines formatting of content

4.2.3. Basic HTML

4.2.4. Basic commands & nesting structure useful to know

4.2.5. Pop 'under the bonnet' to fix

4.3. CSS

4.3.1. Cascading style sheets

4.3.2. Seperates content from design

4.3.3. Introduction to CSS

5. Content

5.1. Tagging & content strategy

5.1.1. What? Topics? Themes?

5.1.2. Who? Target Audience Name, age, lives, drives, works, plays?

5.1.3. Why? Outcomes Purpose

5.1.4. How? Activities What tools

5.1.5. When? Optimum times to publish

5.1.6. Where? Home Work Mobile

5.1.7. Online ID Namechk

5.2. Writing for the web

5.3. Multimedia integration

5.3.1. Host elsewhere and integrate

5.3.2. You Tube

5.3.3. Flickr

5.3.4. Multiple doorways to content

5.4. Choose your address, topic, ten tags


5.5.1. managing feedback

5.5.2. un-moderated? Spam issues

5.6. Use Creative Commons licensing to encourage remixes

5.6.1. CC is updating copyright for digital age

5.6.2. Updating copyright for digital age

5.6.3. Sits on top of copyright

5.6.4. Some rights reserved

5.6.5. Expresses how you want people to use your work

5.6.6. Publish some digital assets Make it easy for fans Run comps

5.6.7. CC Databases Search CC Free Music Archive Jamendo

5.6.8. NZ

5.6.9. Australia

5.7. Promotion

5.7.1. Blog RSS to Twitter

5.7.2. Facebook

5.7.3. Linked In

5.7.4. Cross post links to social media

5.7.5. Put your site in the Wordpress Showcase

5.8. Social Media aggregation

6. Management

6.1. Wordpress Community

6.2. Updating codebase

6.3. Keep plugins up to date

6.4. Antispam software

6.5. Monitor comments & stats (pageviews, most read, comes from...)

6.6. Use polls

6.7. Back up site regularly

6.8. Run security updates

7. Activity

7.1. 1. Set up Wordpress.org site

7.2. 2. Publish a post

7.3. 3. Change Theme

7.4. 4. Add a Twitter widget

7.5. 5. Add a Paypal Donations button

7.5.1. Merchant services page