Sara Environmental Science

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Sara Environmental Science создатель Mind Map: Sara Environmental Science

1. renewable resource

1.1. a resource that will not run out

2. Organsim

3. Population

4. biomes

4.1. tundra

4.2. desert

4.3. rainforest

4.4. temperate deciduous forest

4.5. coniferous forest

4.6. freshwater biome

4.7. marine biome

4.8. grassland/savannah

5. food chain

5.1. producer

5.2. primary consumer

5.3. tertiary consumer

5.4. decomposer

6. food web

6.1. many organsims and biotic factors can be connected and the transfer of energy can go to many differnt organisms

7. biodiversity

7.1. genetic

7.2. species

7.3. ecosystem

8. endangerd species

8.1. a species that will soon die out if we do not change the thing we are doing to harm them

9. threatend species

9.1. not as bad as and endangerd species but but the species is at risk of being endangerd

10. biotic

10.1. Something that is living, was living or peices of a living thing.

11. abiotic

12. hot spot

13. community

14. Ecosystem

15. Trophic levels

16. Biome

17. Indicator species

17.1. Indicates when a ecosystem is not healthy

18. ecological succession

19. primary succession

20. secondary succession

21. pioneer species

22. climax community

23. limiting factors

23.1. limiting factors help keep our population under controll

24. carrying capacity

24.1. how much of a species an ecosystem can hold

25. population growth

25.1. how many people are in the population

26. population growth rate

26.1. how fast a population grows

27. exponential growth

27.1. total ammount of growth

28. J-curve

28.1. a regular good population growth this is what the human population is following

29. S-curve

29.1. starts out as a J-curve but then when carrying capacity is reached the population starts to go down

30. Water pollution

30.1. non-point source

30.2. point source

31. aquifer

31.1. most of our accesable freshwater comes from aquifers which are underground sources of water

32. desalination

33. water purification

33.1. when polluted water is cleanded, a large ammount of the world lives without purified water

34. Watershed

34.1. a place where runoff water drains to when it rains. There are 4 big watersheds in Pensylvania alone.

35. impermeable

35.1. an impermeable surface does not absorbe water

35.2. an impermeable surface could be concrete , blacktop, or other surfaces that do not absorbe water

36. runoff water

36.1. runoff water ussullay caries many non-point source pollutants that end up in our watersheds

37. wetlands

37.1. where aquatic life lives, this is a water based ecosystem

38. urbanization

39. Organic pollutant

40. inorganic pollutant

41. natural resource

42. nonrenewable resource

42.1. oil

42.2. coal

42.3. gas